Getting Started
Overview of Personal Knowbase
New Features for Version 4.1
Quick Start
Tutorial: Viewing an Existing Data File
Tutorial: Creating a New Data File
Tutorial: Copying Info from Other Applications
Tutorial: Working with the Index Window
Tutorial: Learning More about Personal Knowbase
Personal Knowbase Concepts
About Articles: Your Basic Units of Information
About Keywords and the Index
About Bookmarks and Bookmarking Articles
About Active Links in Article Windows
Advanced Topics
About Hypertext Links in Article Windows
About Article Attachments
About Passwords and Privacy
About Queries and Logical Operations
About Keyword Groups
About Reminders
About File Links and Relative Paths
Step-by-Step Procedures:  How to...
Entering Information
Creating New Information
Creating a New Data File
Entering New Information
Assigning a Keyword to an Article
Creating an Unassigned Keyword
Creating a Group of Related Keywords
Saving a Data File
Adding Details to Articles
Bookmarking an Article
Password-Protecting an Article
Associating a Web Address with an Article
Associating a File with an Article
Linking to a Web Address from Inside an Article
Linking to a File from Inside an Article
Creating Links between Articles
Setting a Reminder Alert
Bringing in Information from Other Sources
Importing from a Text File
Importing from a Cardfile File
Importing from an HTML File
Importing from an RTF File
Importing Files from Windows Explorer
Copying Text from Another Windows Application
Advanced Importing
Importing a List of Keywords
Importing from a Delimited Text File
Importing from a File with Fixed-Width Columns
Importing a List of Titles
Importing from a Custom Format Text File
Importing Email Message Text
Using OCR Software with Personal Knowbase
Retrieving Information
Finding Information
Opening an Existing Data File
Finding the Information You Need
Retrieving Related Articles
Retrieving Bookmarked Articles
Searching for Text
Locating Articles by Date
Opening an Article's Attachment
Advanced Retrieval
Finding Articles Not Associated with a Keyword
Finding Articles without Keywords Assigned to Them
Finding Articles with One Keyword Or Another
Finding Articles with Attachments
Listing All Articles Related to a Keyword Group
Finding Password-Protected Articles
Listing Keywords Related to Currently Shown Titles
Working with Information
Listing Titles Associated with Specified Keywords
Creating a Printed Index
Listing the Number of Articles for Each Keyword
Listing Keywords for All Keyword Groups
Viewing Keywords Common to Several Articles
Exporting Articles to a Text File
Exporting Articles to a Cardfile File
Exporting Articles to Web Pages
Exporting Articles to an RTF File
Exporting Articles to a Delimited File
Printing Information
Changing Information
Modifying Information
Modifying an Existing Article
Replacing Text
Copying Articles between Data Files
Assigning a Keyword to Highlighted Articles
Assigning Keywords for Multiple Articles
Copying Keywords between Articles
Renaming a Keyword
Merging Keywords
Editing a Hypertext Link
Changing a Hypertext Link to Plain Text
Updating Article Dates Automatically
Password-Protecting a Data File
Changing the Order of an Article's Attachments
Changing Which Attachments Are Opened
Linking to Files Relative to the Data File's Location
Linking to Files Relative to an Arbitrary Folder
Merging Data Files
Removing Information
Unbookmarking an Article
Deleting an Article
Deleting a Keyword from an Article
Deleting Keywords from Multiple Articles
Deleting a Keyword from the Data File
Deleting All Unused Keywords
Removing an Article's Attachment
Removing Duplicate Articles
Removing a File's Password
Removing a Reminder Alert
Formatting Information
Formatting an Article
Changing a File's Default Font
Viewing Tabled Information in Proper Columns
Customizing Personal Knowbase
Customizing the Personal Knowbase Screen
Customizing the Index Window
Changing the Titles Displayed at Startup
Sorting Titles by Date
Customizing the Article Window
Viewing Icons for Attachments in Article Windows
Hiding Icons for Attachments in Article Windows
Turning On (or Off) Active Links in Articles
Not Displaying the Save Article Warning Message
Starting Personal Knowbase with a Data File Opened
Managing Personal Knowbase
Compacting a Data File
Repairing a Damaged Data File
Repairing the Personal Knowbase System
Reverting a Data File to Version 3 Format
Backing Up and Restoring Data Files
Moving Personal Knowbase to a New Computer
Checking for Updates to Personal Knowbase
Uninstalling Personal Knowbase
Portable Installations of Personal Knowbase
Installing on a Removable Drive
Running from a Removable Drive
Forcing a Portable Installation
Display Reference
Index Window
Index Column
Selected Column
Titles Column
Preview Pane
Keyword Groups Column
Controlling Which Titles Are Displayed
Selecting Keywords
Modifying Keywords from the Index Window
Importing by Dragging to the Index Window
Article Window
Article Content
Keywords List
The Title Line
Image Gallery
Assigning Keywords in the Article Window
Specifying Attachments by Dragging to an Article
Index Report Window
Keyword Usage Report Window
Keyword Cloud Report Window
Keyword Group Report Window
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Browse Toolbar
Tools Toolbar
Status Bar
Menu Command Reference
File Menu
New Command
Open Command
Close Command
Save File Command
Compact Command
Import Command
Export Command
Report Command
Preferences Command
File Properties Command
Show Private Articles Command
Page Setup Command
Print Command
Exit Command
List of the most recently accessed files
Edit Menu
Undo Command
Undo Article Changes Command
Cut Command
Copy Command
Paste Command
Paste Special Command
Delete Command
Select All Command
Insert Special Character Command
Insert Date/Time Command
Insert Hypertext Link Command
Check Spelling Command
Build Query Command
Run Saved Query Command
Manage Saved Queries Command
Find Command
Replace Command
View Menu
Keywords Lists Command
Keyword Groups Command
Sort by Command
Index Mode Command
Selected Keyword Mode Command
Preview Pane Command
Status Bar Command
Standard Toolbar Command
Formatting Toolbar Command
Browse Toolbar Command
Tools Toolbar Command
Format Menu
Font Command
Highlight Text Command
Paragraph Command
Indent Command
Unindent Command
Numbered List Command
Bulleted List Command
Keyword Menu
Add Keyword to Index Command
Import Keyword List Command
Export Keyword List Command
Edit Keyword Command
Merge Keyword Command
Delete Keyword Command
Change Keywords for Article Command
Create Keyword Command
Manage Keyword Groups Command
Article Menu
New Article Command
Close Article Command
Delete Article Command
Save Article Command
Open Attachments Command
Create Title Command
Bookmark Article Command
Set to Current Date and Time Command
Article Properties Command
Image Gallery Command
Set Reminder Command
Manage Reminders Command
Clear Bookmarked Title List Command
Show All Titles Command
Show Bookmarked Titles Command
Show Articles with Attachments Command
Window Menu
Tile Horizontal Command
Tile Vertical Command
Cascade Command
Arrange Icons Command
Close All Command
List of open windows
Help Menu
Contents Command
Tutorial Command
Tip of the Day Command
Bitsmith Software Web Site Command
E-mail Bitsmith Software Command
Check for Personal Knowbase Update Command
About Personal Knowbase Command
How to Order Command
Order Online Now Command
Enter Registration Key Command
Pop-up Menus
Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Options for the Index Window
Keyboard Options for Article Windows
About Importing
Results of Importing Files
Import Plug-Ins
Dates in Personal Knowbase
Glossary of Personal Knowbase Terms
Customer Support
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How to Order Personal Knowbase
About the Trial Version
License and Disclaimer
Distribution Agreement

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