About the Trial Version

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This is a fully functional trial version of Personal Knowbase. Since you try the software before buying, there is no risk to you. Please feel free to pass along a copy of the trial version to a friend or colleague. See Overview for a summary of features.


After 30 days of evaluation (or at least 10 uses), you will not be able to enter new data or modify data that you have entered. After expiration, however, you can still read, search, print, and export any data that you have entered.


To continue using Personal Knowbase after the expiration, you must purchase a software license. To order, see How to Order Personal Knowbase.


When you order, you will receive:


a Registration Key to enter at the evaluation screen to convert this trial version into a fully licensed version. We will email your registration key to you. The registered software has no time limitations, and the evaluation screen will no longer be displayed when the software starts. Your name will appear on the logo screen and in the About box.


product support by email. For more information, see our Contact Information.


notifications and discounts on future product upgrades and extensions.


a software license for a single user to use the Personal Knowbase software. For more information, see End User License Agreement and Disclaimer.