Distribution Agreement

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The following information is intended for vendors who wish to distribute the trial version of the Personal Knowbase Software.  We allow free distribution of the trial version in its original unmodified form. For information on conditions for use of the Software, see End User License and Disclaimer.


The trial version of the Personal Knowbase Software is defined as the original trial package without any registration keys or modifications.


Bitsmith Software grants the rights to distribute the trial version of the Personal Knowbase Software only under the following conditions.


Ownership of the Software


1.The Personal Knowbase Software ("the Software") and the accompanying files are owned by Bitsmith Software and are protected by United States copyright laws, by laws of other nations, and by international treaties.


Software Distribution


2.Under NO circumstances may you distribute any modified version of the Software. Any distribution of the Software must include all unmodified files found in the original package, including programs, documentation, and sample data files.


3.Under NO circumstances may you wrap the Software within another software package, add files to the software package, or install it in conjunction with other software.


4.Under NO circumstances may you distribute a registered version of the Software or any registration keys which can be used to convert a trial version of the Software into a registered version.


5.Any vendor distributing the Software may not charge a fee in excess of US$10.00 for media and distribution costs for the trial version of the Software. This applies to all physical and electronic distribution methods. (For electronic distribution, this amount need not include normal connect-time charges.)


6.Any commercial vendor distributing the Software must inform Bitsmith Software of its intention to do so. Commercial vendor is defined as anyone distributing the Software for remuneration, monetary or otherwise.


7.Bitsmith Software reserves the right to revoke any permissions granted here at any time.


For more information, feel free to contact us at:


Bitsmith Software

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Email:  info@bitsmithsoft.com