About Hypertext Links in Article Windows

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The term "hypertext link" refers to a link within an Article Window's content area which links an arbitrary piece of text to an Internet Address (URL), disk file or folder, or another article. Clicking on the link text launches the corresponding URL or file or takes you to the target article.


Hypertext links are similar to the links that you see on websites, where the destination of the link may not be directly visible, but hidden "behind" the text. Also, the links in this help file work similar to hypertext links in a Knowbase article.


The visible title of the link is referred to as the "link text". The invisible information about what it links to is referred to as the "target".


All hypertext links are displayed as green and underlined. The link cursor appears whenever the mouse is held over a hypertext link. Double-click on the link to launch it. Click on the link once to select it, for example if you want to edit or delete the link.


When you launch a link to a file, Personal Knowbase opens whichever Windows application is configured for that type of file. Links to URLs open your default Web browser and send the URL to it. A mailto: URL opens your email client application.


Clicking on a hypertext link to another article opens the other article in a second Article Window.


If an article has hypertext links, a hypertext link icon appears next to its title in the Titles column of the Index Window.


If you hold the mouse cursor over a hypertext link, the link's target is shown on the Status Bar.


Using Hypertext Links


To create a hypertext link, open the article and click the mouse cursor at the point where you want the link. Then use the Insert Hypertext Link Command (Edit Menu). To convert existing text into a link, select the text and then use the Insert Hypertext Link command.


To modify an existing hypertext link, select the link and use the Edit Hypertext Link Command (Edit Menu).


To delete a hypertext link, select it and press the Del key. To convert the link back into plain text, select it and use the No Link option from the Edit Hypertext Link command.



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