About Article Attachments

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An attachment is the name of a disk file, folder, or Internet address (URL) which is associated with an article. An article can have any number of attachments. This allows you to link files and Internet addresses to your notes about them. You can then access files and Internet addresses along with the associated article. Since the keywords associated with the article also give you access to the article's attachments, you can, in effect, assign keywords to any file or URL.


Attachments are useful for annotating and organizing reports, spreadsheets, and other documents. For example, you could make notes about a report which is in a word processor document and attach the document to the article containing the notes. Or you could archive information from a web page into an article and attach the web site's address to refer to for more information.


To create an article attachment, highlight or open the article and select Article Properties Command (Article Menu). On the Attachments tab, you can add, edit, detach, and open attachments.


If an article has at least one attachment, a paper clip icon appears next to its title in the Titles column of the Index Window, and a paper clip appears in the upper right corner of its Article Window.


To open an article's attachments, open the article and select the Open Attachments Command (Article Menu). You can also open attachments by clicking on the paper clip icon in the Article Window.


NOTE:For a discussion of links to file attachments using relative paths with examples, see About File Links and Relative Paths.



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NOTE:You may also link to files and URLs within article text. For more information, see About Active Links in Article Windows and About Hypertext Links in Article Windows.