Importing from a Cardfile File

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If you have a Cardfile file containing information that you want in your Personal Knowbase data file, you can import this information. Each card from the Cardfile file becomes one article in your data file.


To import a Cardfile file into an open data file:


Select the Import command from the File menu.


The Import dialog box is displayed.


Select the Card Files option from the Files of Type box.


Only files with the CRD extension are now displayed in the files list.


Use the dialog box to select the folder and name of the file you want to import.


If you want to immediately open the imported articles in Article Windows, check the Open Imported Articles option.


Turn off the Open Imported Articles option if you don't want to open the newly imported articles now. If your Cardfile file is large, we recommend turning off this option. Opening large numbers of Article Windows at once may strain your Windows System resources.


Select the Open button.

OR Double-click on the file name in the files list.


The Keywords for Imported Articles dialog box is displayed.


To assign one or more keywords to each new article, type each keyword you want assigned into the New Keyword edit box and press Enter.

OR Double-click on the desired keyword in the Available Keywords list.


Each keyword selected is moved to the Assigned Keywords list.


When all keywords that you want to assign are listed in the Assigned Keywords list, select the OK button.


The file is now imported. An article is created for each card from the Cardfile file containing the text from that card. If you checked the Open Imported Articles option, each article is displayed in an Article Window as it is created.


If the Article Windows opened, you can modify the articles now.


You may make any changes you want to the new articles.


Close each Article Window by clicking on the window's close box.

OR Close all the Article Windows by selecting the Close All command from the Window menu.


If you made changes to any article, Personal Knowbase asks you to verify that you want to save the changes. Select the Yes button.


TIP:You can import multiple files at one time by selecting multiple file names from the list box in the Import dialog box. Specified keywords are assigned to all articles created from the imported files.



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