About Importing

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Personal Knowbase can import articles from many types of external files. Supported file formats include ASCII text files, RTF files, HTML files, other Personal Knowbase files, Cardfile format files, delimited text files, and custom formatted text files.


For more information about importing articles, see the Import Command (File Menu). For more information on how each file type is imported, see Results of Importing Files.


For information about import plug-ins, see Import Plug-ins.


Personal Knowbase can also import lists of keywords from external text files. For more information, see the Import Keyword List Command (Keyword Menu).



Procedures for Importing Articles:

Importing from a Text File

Importing from a Cardfile File

Importing from an HTML File

Importing from an RTF File

Importing from a Delimited Text File

Importing from a File with Fixed-Width Columns

Importing a List of Titles

Importing from a Custom Format Text File

Importing Email Message Text

Importing Files from Windows Explorer

Merging Data Files