Updating Article Dates Automatically

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By default, the article date is when you created the article and only changes when you explicitly edit it or if you select the Set to Current Date and Time Command (Article Menu). You may want to update the date automatically every time you modify the article. In that case, if you change the article's title, content, keywords, or properties, the article date is updated to the current date.


To update or not update the article dates automatically:


Select the File Properties command from the File menu.


The File Properties dialog box is displayed.


Click on the Automatically Update Article Dates to Modification Dates check box.


If the box is checked, article dates are updated whenever a change is made. If the box is not checked, the date is set when the article is created and only changes when you explicitly edit it.


Select the OK button.


The setting takes effect immediately.


Note:This setting is a file property and only affects the current data file.



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