Uninstalling Personal Knowbase

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You can completely remove Personal Knowbase from your computer using the standard Windows Uninstall procedure.


To uninstall Personal Knowbase:


Exit the Personal Knowbase software before uninstalling. If any files related to Personal Knowbase are running when you Uninstall, these files may not be uninstalled properly.


From the Windows Start menu, access the Control Panel.


From the Control Panel:


In Windows XP:  Select Add or Remove Programs. Locate and click on Personal Knowbase. Click the Change/Remove button.


In Windows 7/8/8.1/10:  Select the link for Uninstall a Program. From the list of software, locate and double-click on Personal Knowbase.


The Personal Knowbase Uninstall software starts up. You are given options to Uninstall or Repair.


Select Uninstall.


Select the Finish button.


When the Uninstall is complete, all files that were installed with Personal Knowbase will have been removed. Any data files that you have created will remain.