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PK Tip: Making Your To-Do List Your Browser Home Page

If you keep your to-do list in a Personal Knowbase article, you can easily set your browser's Home page to your to-do list. Any URLs or email addresses from the original Knowbase article become clickable links on your Home page. This is handy for keeping a list of links to websites that you frequently visit or plan to check out.

To create a local html file to use as your home page:

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PK Tip: Copying Articles to a Word Processor

Do you need to dump a group of Personal Knowbase articles into your word processor (or other software) fast?

Don't bother with the Export command. Simply copy-and-paste the entire group of articles directly from Personal Knowbase's Index Window.

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PK Tip: Exporting HTML Code Snippets

One common use for Personal Knowbase is to store code snippets, specifically in this case HTML code snippets.

However, if you try to export an article containing HTML using the export file type HTML Files, you end up with garbage. For example, let's say you have an article containing this text:

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PK Tip: Making a Text List of Article Titles

Sometimes you may need to make a list of articles from your Knowbase data file to use in text form, as if you had captured the text from the Titles column of the Index Window. You could use such a list to import the titles list into another software application or to import back into Personal Knowbase as a new article.

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Exporting Files from Personal Knowbase

Just as you can import information from many external file types into Personal Knowbase, you can also export information out of PK to a number of different file formats. For example, you may need your information in a different format to send it to someone else, to move it to a different software program, or to publish it to the web.

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PK Tip: Splitting Data Files

You can split a Personal Knowbase data file using the Export command (from the File menu):

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