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Do I Need Only One Personal Knowbase Data File or More? (Part 2)

Personal Knowbase users often struggle with the decision of when they would want more than one PK data file.

In Part 1, we talked about starting with a single file and using multiple files when they serve completely different purposes. Here are some additional issues with using one or more database files.

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Do I Need Only One Personal Knowbase Data File or More? (Part 1)

New Personal Knowbase users often ask when they would want more than one PK database. Should they put all their notes in one data file? Or have several files? Why create a new file?

The short answer is to start out by putting everything in one file and to wait to split your data into multiple files until you're sure you need to.

There are pros and cons to keeping all your data in one place or spreading it into multiple files.

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Getting Started Using Personal Knowbase for Miscellaneous Notes

A common purpose for starting to use Personal Knowbase is to take control of all the miscellaneous information that passes through our lives. Collected observations and ideas. Captured thoughts and conversations. They accumulate on bits of paper on our desk, in our drawers, or in boxes of 3x5 index cards. Or they may be scattered around your hard drive in emails and small text files in multiple software formats.

Many notes are not associated with a person or a date, so storing them in contact management software doesn't make sense. But we know they may be useful later, if only we can find them when we need them.

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PK Help Documentation Formats

Personal Knowbase's help is available in three formats, so you can use it however is most convenient for you. All formats include our brief Tutorial, extensive Step-by-Step Procedures, definitions of Personal Knowbase Concepts, and Reference information about PK windows and menus.

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Personal Knowbase Basic Terminology

Three basic terms can get you started using Personal Knowbase. With these three terms, the functions of most menu commands and toolbar buttons are clear. Other menu commands involve more advanced features that can usually be ignored when you're getting started.

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Exporting Files from Personal Knowbase

Just as you can import information from many external file types into Personal Knowbase, you can also export information out of PK to a number of different file formats. For example, you may need your information in a different format to send it to someone else, to move it to a different software program, or to publish it to the web.

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Importing Files into Personal Knowbase

Do you have lots of little text files scattered around your hard drive? With Personal Knowbase, you can consolidate these files into one data file and index the information from the files so that you can pull up related information easily without scouring your hard drive.

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Tips for Selecting Keywords in Personal Knowbase

New Personal Knowbase users often struggle with the best way to select keywords for the Index. Selecting keywords is very subjective. It does take a few extras minutes to select good keywords.

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