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PK Tip: Removing Hypertext Links

In Personal Knowbase, you may end up with unwanted hypertext links in your article text. For example, if you copy text from a web page in a browser, PK will preserve any hypertext links on the web page when you paste it into an article. Similarly, if you import to an article from an html file with links, PK will preserve the links from the file. Or perhaps you have some old links that you simply don't want anymore.

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PK Tip: Importing a List as Titles Only

If you have a list of titles in a text file and want to create one Personal Knowbase article for each line of the file, with the line as the article's title, you can use the Import command to do that.

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PK Tip: Dragging Text into Personal Knowbase

You can drag whole blocks of text from most other Windows applications directly into Personal Knowbase's Index Window to create a new article.

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PK Tip: Importing HTML (Or Other Formatted) Files as Text

A recent tip explained how to export a Personal Knowbase article as an HTML code snippet. What if you want to go in the other direction and import a snippet of HTML code from an HTML file to save in PK for future use as HTML code?

If you import the file as an HTML file, PK removes the HTML code and converts the formatting to its internal rich-text formatting. You end up with just the text without the HTML code.

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Importing Files into Personal Knowbase

Do you have lots of little text files scattered around your hard drive? With Personal Knowbase, you can consolidate these files into one data file and index the information from the files so that you can pull up related information easily without scouring your hard drive.

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Converting from Cardfile to Personal Knowbase

Recent versions of Windows (starting with Windows 7) don't include distribution of the Windows Cardfile utility. Since Microsoft stopped support for Win XP, more and more people are looking for new ways to access their old Cardfile files.

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PK Tip: Combining Data Files

You can combine two Personal Knowbase data files using the Import command (from the File menu):

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SquareNote Custom Import Format

Personal Knowbase can not import SquareNote files directly. However, it has a feature called "custom import formats" that allows you to define a format for importing text files. We have created such a "custom import format" for importing notes exported from SquareNote.

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