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PK Tip: Copying Articles to a Word Processor

Do you need to dump a group of Personal Knowbase articles into your word processor (or other software) fast?

Don't bother with the Export command. Simply copy-and-paste the entire group of articles directly from Personal Knowbase's Index Window.

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PK Tip: Copying Articles from One Knowbase File to Another

Sometimes you may find it useful to copy (or move) articles from one Knowbase data file to another. You may want to break a data file into two smaller files, or to create a new file containing only a small subset of the articles in a larger file (for example, to share those articles with a friend or colleague). Or you may want to move old, obsolete articles to an "archive" data file.

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PK Tip: Removing Formatting from Article Text

When you Paste text into Personal Knowbase from the Windows Clipboard, PK inserts the text in its original format whenever possible. PK can insert text which was unformatted text, HTML text, or Rich Text Format (RTF).

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