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PK Tip: Removing Formatting from Article Text

When you Paste text into Personal Knowbase from the Windows Clipboard, PK inserts the text in its original format whenever possible. PK can insert text which was unformatted text, HTML text, or Rich Text Format (RTF).

Occasionally, you may find that the resulting text format is unattractive or just not what you expected. In that case, you can use PK's Paste Special command (Edit menu) to force the text to be pasted in the desired format.

To strip all formatting from the pasted text, use the Paste Special option for Unformatted Text. This gives you just the text with no formatting. The keyboard shortcut for this command is Ctrl-e.

Edit Menu

So, to strip all formatting from text which is already in a PK article, simply highlight the affected text in an article's Content area, cut it (Ctrl-x), then re-paste it without formatting (Ctrl-e).

When you paste unformatted text, it will always use the current formatting of the character just before the insertion point where you paste it. In a new, empty article, it will use the default font format for this data file.