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PK Tips for Portable Mode Installation

If you need to carry your notes between computers, you can use Personal Knowbase's portability feature to install the software on a USB thumb drive or other removable media. If you're having trouble getting PK to install in portable mode, here are a couple things to check.

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PK Tip: Using Personal Knowbase Where You Can't Install It

If you want to use Personal Knowbase on a computer where you can't install it, consider using the portable installation option.

Some companies do not allow you to install software on your work computer unless it's on a restricted software list. Consultants can't install their own software on clients' machines. Or you may want to use a friend's or relative's computer without making any permanent changes to their system.

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PK Tip: Storing Your Registration Key In Personal Knowbase

We've had an epidemic of lost Personal Knowbase registration keys lately. You know who you are. 😉 So here's a topical tip.

I store my Personal Knowbase registration key inside Personal Knowbase itself, in my main Projects.kno data file.

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