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PK Tip: Using Personal Knowbase Where You Can't Install It

If you want to use Personal Knowbase on a computer where you can't install it, consider using the portable installation option.

Some companies do not allow you to install software on your work computer unless it's on a restricted software list. Consultants can't install their own software on clients' machines. Or you may want to use a friend's or relative's computer without making any permanent changes to their system.

USB thumb drive When you want to use Personal Knowbase and access your PK data files while on the go, use the portable installation option to install PK on a USB thumb drive or other portable media. Carry it with you to use on any Windows PC without having to re-install on each computer you use.

Install PK directly onto the USB stick. Copy your Knowbase data files to the stick (or create a new file on the stick). Then just plug the stick into the computer and start PK from there. PK will run in a self-contained environment without leaving any personal information behind on each PC that you visit. No settings changes are made to the PC's Windows Registry, and no files are installed on the local hard drive. Your settings and preferences are saved to the stick, not to the local computer.

When you're done, unplug your USB stick and take the PK software, your data, and your settings with you.

Portable installation is easy and uses the same installation setup file as PK's regular installation. Your single-user license covers installation on both your local computer and portable media. For more information about installing PK on a removable drive, see our Portability installation instructions. Carry your notes with you.