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PK Tip: Storing Your Registration Key In Personal Knowbase

We've had an epidemic of lost Personal Knowbase registration keys lately. You know who you are. 😉 So here's a topical tip.

I store my Personal Knowbase registration key inside Personal Knowbase itself, in my main Projects.kno data file.

Remember that even without your registration information entered, PK will run in trial mode and you always have read-access to your data. So you can run PK in trial mode, open the article that holds your registration key, copy (Ctrl+c) the key to the Clipboard, then run the Enter Registration Key command (Help menu).

So, before you have an emergency and have to reinstall PK, store your entire registration email (the email that we sent you when you first purchased Personal Knowbase) as a Knowbase article.

PK Article with registration key

Or just store the registration key block in an article. The registration key block looks like this:

----Personal Knowbase 4 Registration Key----
User Name: John Smith
Registration Key: AA111-BB222-CC333-DD444

Then if you copy that entire article to the Windows clipboard (with Ctrl+c), PK will automatically pick the registration information off the Clipboard when you run the Enter Registration Key command.