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PK Tip: Copying Articles to a Word Processor

Do you need to dump a group of Personal Knowbase articles into your word processor (or other software) fast?

Don't bother with the Export command. Simply copy-and-paste the entire group of articles directly from Personal Knowbase's Index Window.

Try this:

  • Highlight the titles of the articles that you want in the Titles column of the Index Window.

  • Use the Copy command (from the Edit menu) or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+c.

    Copying multiple articles

  • Then open a document in your word processor (or other software where you want to put the text).

  • Place the mouse cursor where you want the text.

  • Select the software's Paste command (which usually has the shortcut Ctrl+v).

This will paste all of the selected articles, including their entire text, titles, dates, and keywords, into your word processor document.

This should work for any Windows-based word processor or other text-editing software which uses a standard Windows interface.