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PK Tip: Selecting Multiple Items in a List

Personal Knowbase, like most standard Windows applications, allows you to highlight multiple items in any list box.

How to Select Multiple List Items

Highlighting multiple items involves using the Ctrl or Shift key with the mouse.

  • Click on the first item you want to highlight.

  • To highlight consecutive items, hold down the Shift key while clicking on the last item you want to highlight. All items between the first and last item are highlighted.

    highlight consecutive items

  • To highlight non-consecutive items, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on each additional item.

    highlight non-consecutive items

Examples of Applications

By highlighting multiple items, you can apply various PK functions to multiple items all at once. This improves your efficiency when you need to perform the same task on many items. By selecting several items at once, then performing your task, you can do your work in one step.

For example, if you highlight multiple keywords in the Index Window, then press Del, you can delete all highlighted keywords at once. Or you can drag the highlighted keywords to an article.

If you select multiple titles in the Titles column of the Index Window, then use the Change Keywords for Article command (Keyword menu), you can edit the keyword list shared by the selected articles.

Selecting multiple Attachment names from an article's attachment list allows you to Detach multiple attachments at once.

Selecting multiple file names in the Import dialog box allows you to Import multiple files at once.

In fact, nearly all PK list boxes, in all PK windows and dialog boxes, allow multiple item selection. Almost anything that you can do to one highlighted item, you can do to multiple items at once by highlighting them all.