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PK Help Documentation Formats

Personal Knowbase's help is available in three formats, so you can use it however is most convenient for you. All formats include our brief Tutorial, extensive Step-by-Step Procedures, definitions of Personal Knowbase Concepts, and Reference information about PK windows and menus.

  1. Program Help System

    Our full Help system is distributed and installed with the Personal Knowbase software. Access it instantly by pressing the F1 key anywhere in the program for Help on your current window. Access its full contents by selecting the Contents command from the Help menu or the Help (question mark) button Help Contents button from the toolbar.

    To get help on a specific program element, use the Context-Sensitive Help toolbar button Context-Sensitive Help button, then click on any screen element. Nearly all dialog boxes include a Help button to get Help on exactly what you're currently working on.

    PK Help

    This is the most useful format for PK Help, since you can always access it when the software is installed, and you can instantly get help for your current window or dialog box.

    This Help always applies to whichever version of Personal Knowbase you are using.

  2. Online Help

    Our Help system is also available online on our website at Personal Knowbase Help. You may find this help format helpful if you don't yet have Personal Knowbase installed and want to check how some of its features work or if you're running an older version of the software and want to check how new features work while deciding to update.

    This Help is only for the latest available version of PK.

  3. PDF File Help

    You can download our documentation in PDF format from our website's Support page or by clicking here: Personal Knowbase PDF Help. You may find this useful if you need to print PK's documentation or want to browse it casually.

    The PDF file on the website is only for the latest version of PK.

All of these Help formats contain nearly identical information, but can be useful in different contexts.