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PK Tip: Splitting Data Files

You can split a Personal Knowbase data file using the Export command (from the File menu):

  • Open the data file that you want to split.

  • Highlight the titles of the articles that you want to remove from this file and split out into another file.

  • Select the Export command.

  • Select an Export Range of Highlighted Articles.

  • Specify the Save as Type as Personal Knowbase Files (*.kno).

    Export Dialog Box

  • Select a name for the new file.

  • Click the Save button.

After writing the highlighted articles to the new file and verifying that they were written correctly, you can delete them from the current data file.

Another way to split a data file is to copy and paste articles from the Index Window from one open data file into another open data file, then deleting the copied articles from the first data file.