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Personal Knowbase 4.1.3 Maintenance Release

Personal Knowbase icon Personal Knowbase 4.1.3 maintenance release is now available from all download links.

This release fixes cosmetic issues (affecting only screen appearance, not data) in 2 categories that only affect users with very specific system settings. These are (1) a computer setup using multiple monitors, or (2) a relatively unusual Windows Short Date format.

Most users are not affected by these fixes. If you do not have one of these situations, you may choose to skip this update.

1) Multiple-Monitor Support

This issue caused various screen elements to display on the primary monitor when Personal Knowbase was running from a secondary monitor. They now appear on the correct monitor.

This included pop-ups for long keyword names and the color-picker pop-ups from the toolbar color buttons. For a list of the fixed pop-ups, please see the Personal Knowbase Version History page.

Note that dialog boxes for which PK remembers the position (such as the Keywords for Article dialog box) will appear on whichever monitor they last appeared on.

2) Windows "Short Date" Format

Personal Knowbase uses the Windows "Short Date" format for displaying all dates. When your Short Date format uses non-numeric or customized formats, dates were displayed incorrectly throughout Personal Knowbase. If you use one of the common Short Date setting options using only numbers for month, day, and year, you are unlikely to have noticed any problems.

The dates displayed incorrectly if you use a Short Date format which:

  • lacks delimiters,
  • omits the day, month, or year, or
  • includes the alphabetic codes: ddd, dddd, mmm, or mmmm.

Personal Knowbase now correctly uses your specified Short Date format in all locations where dates are displayed, exported, or printed.

However, in locations where you can manually enter or edit dates, to facilitate parsing, PK uses a simplified format based on your Short Date format. In short, you can only edit dates in a numeric format which includes day, month, and year.

For details about where PK uses your date format and how the format is modified for date editing, please see the Personal Knowbase Version History page.

To Update: Download the update from the Latest Updates page. Install it in the same folder as your previous installation.

Thank you.