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Product Version History (Version 4.x)

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Version 4.1.3
September 21, 2020

Maintenance release. Fixes cosmetic bugs related to 2 situations:
(1) using Personal Knowbase on a multiple-monitor computer setup, and
(2) using a relatively unusual Windows Short Date format.

If you use a single monitor and use a default all-numeric Short Date format, you should see no difference from this update.

1) Multiple-Monitor Support

Various screen elements appeared on the primary monitor when Personal Knowbase was running from a secondary monitor. These pop-ups now appear on the same monitor as the main PK screen.

Note that if a dialog box's position is remembered between PK sessions (such as the Keywords for Article dialog box), then that dialog will appear on whichever monitor it last appeared on.

The pop-ups fixed include:

  • the color picker drop-down for Text Color and Highlight Text,
  • pop-ups for long keywords in the Index Window and various dialog boxes showing keyword lists,
  • pop-ups for long keyword groups names in the Index Window and dialog boxes showing keyword groups,
  • pop-ups for full attachment names in the Article Properties dialog box, and
  • pop-ups for long path names in the Preferences dialog box (Files tab).

2) Windows "Short Date" Format Parsing

Personal Knowbase uses the Windows "Short Date" format as the basis for displaying all dates in the program. When the Short Date format includes non-numeric or unusual customized formats, dates were displayed incorrectly throughout PK. If you use one of the common Short Date setting options using only numbers for day, month, and year, you are unlikely to have noticed any problems.

However, the dates displayed incorrectly if you use a Short Date format which:

  • includes the alphabetic codes: ddd, dddd, mmm, or mmmm,
  • lacks delimiters (for example: yyyymmdd), or
  • omits the day, month, or year.

Due to difficulty in parsing such date formats, PK now uses 2 date formats: one for date display and another for date entry and editing.

The "display date" is always your specified Windows Short Date format. This is used where dates are shown but cannot be edited. This includes the Index Window, the Reminders dialog box, the results of the Insert Date command, the Article Properties "Created" and "Modified" dates, and all exported and printed dates. If your date format includes alphabetic day-of-the-week or month, it uses your Windows language setting.

The "edit date" is used for display in any locations where you can manually enter or edit dates. It is based on your specified Short Date format. The year, month, and day, appear in the same order as your date format, with these exceptions:

  1. The edit format always include year, month, and day, even when they are not included in the specified Short Date format. If year, month, or day is missing, it is inserted at the end.
  2. The dates are always numeric. For example, if you use "mmm" in your format, and you want to get "Dec", you need to enter "12".
  3. When entering dates, omit any day-of-the-week ("ddd" or "dddd") portion. The day of the week will be determined for you.
  4. When entering dates, if any portion (year, month, or day) is not entered, it defaults to the current year, month, or day.
  5. If your date format uses multiple delimiters, date entry fields show only the first delimiter appearing in your format. You may enter a date using any delimiter; extras will be ignored. For example, the format "mmm d, yyyy" includes 2 delimiters (space and comma), but only the space will be displayed in places where dates are entered.

This "edit date" is shown anywhere you can enter or edit dates, including the Article Window, the Article Properties "Date" field, and dialog boxes allowing date entry, including Find, Replace, Build Query, Index Report Setup, and Edit Reminder.

There are 2 exceptions where, although date editing is not allowed, the "edit date" is used for display due to space considerations: the Check for Duplicate Articles report and the Manage Query dialog box.

Version 4.1.2
September 17, 2018

Maintenance Release. Minor bug fixes:

  • Fixes a bug preventing Find or Replace from working properly when the Search Range was Current Article and the focus was in the Image Gallery or Time field of the Article Window.

  • Updates the Preview Pane if one of the displayed keywords is renamed from the Edit Keyword command.

  • No longer sometimes shows an incorrect hypertext link target on the status bar when the target was an article that was deleted.

  • Preserves a new file's File Properties default font when other File Properties have not been changed yet and the Preferences default font is changed (or the file is moved to a computer with a different Preferences default font).

  • Returns the screen focus to the non-modal Reminders dialog box when the Manage Reminders command is selected.

  • Enables context-sensitive help for the Change Keywords for Article command (Keyword menu).

  • Fixes an incorrect attachment link in the Sample.kno sample data file.

Version 4.1.1
October 25, 2016

Maintenance Release. Fixes:

  • Prevents editing a keyword's name to the same name as an existing keyword. If this bug in 4.1 allowed you to give 2 keywords the same name, we recommend renaming one of them to a different name.

  • Fixes the disappearance of a keyword from the Index Column when a keyword was renamed while a Keyword Group was highlighted. This was a display problem only; the keyword was not actually removed from the Group.

  • Fixes a scroll display oddity in the Keywords for Article dialog box if you highlight a keyword low in the Available Keywords list then highlight a large Keyword Group.

Version 4.1
August 27, 2016

Major Enhancements:

  • The Article Window's Image Gallery now displays icons for all attachments, in addition to image thumbnails for image files.
  • Specify which attachments to display in the Image Gallery.
  • Specify which attachments to open automatically or with the Open Attachment command.
  • Change the order of attachments for an article.
  • Filter keywords by Keyword Groups in all dialog boxes for assigning keywords.
  • Make Keyword Group assignments when creating new keywords and edit assignments for existing keywords.

Additional Enhancements:

  • Detach multiple attachments from an article at once.
  • Specify a program to use for opening folder attachments.
  • Delete Reminders from the Edit Reminder dialog box.
  • Set a default time for new Reminders.
  • The number of keywords in a group is shown in the Keyword Group dialog box and the Keyword Group Report.
  • After changing the Active URL Links preference, the file's "modified" date no longer updates when articles are opened unless other file changes are made.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix corrupted Keyword Group assignments caused by the bug which was fixed in version 4.0.2.
  • The drop-down calendar didn't fill the date when the Article Date was empty but the selected date was the same as the previous date.
  • After a failed search for a missing file attachment, the Browse button becomes available again in the File Not Found dialog.
  • Custom Import Format labels are not allowed to contain commas, which could corrupt the format file.
  • Redo Article Changes didn't redraw the Image Gallery.
  • Program could crash if the Article Window was closed immediately after clicking its Attachments icon.

Version 4.0.2
August 9, 2015

Maintenance Release. Fixes a bug when compacting a file from which keyword groups have been deleted.

Version 4.0.1
June 6, 2015

Maintenance Release. Fixes a bug with the conversion of password-protected files from version 3 to version 4 while running in trial (unregistered) mode.

Please update to this version as soon as possible if you are unregistered and plan to convert v3 files.

Version 4.0
May 29, 2015

Terminology Change:

  • Tags are now Bookmarks. Anywhere that previous versions of Personal Knowbase used the term "tag" is replaced with "bookmark". Bookmarks behave exactly the same as tags did.

Major Features Added:

  • Multiple Attachments: Associate any number of file or URL attachments with each article.
  • Image Gallery: View thumbnails for image file attachments along the bottom of the Article Window.
  • Relative link path options: When file links and attachments have incomplete paths, specify which folder to locate the files relative to.
  • Reminders: Assign alerts to articles to pop up at a specified date and time.
  • Keyword Groups: Create sets of keywords to pre-filter the keyword Index.

Additional Features:

  • When printing, more options are provided for which article fields to print.
  • When selecting an article as the target of a hypertext link, reduce the selection to a range of articles.
  • Select dates from a calendar popup.
  • Export articles as a new Knowbase file.
  • Export the keywords list to a text file.
  • Include a file description in File Properties.
  • When a new file link or attachment is in the default link folder, opt to create a relative link.
  • When the target of a file link or attachment is not found, browse for the file.
  • When exporting only the current article, the default export file name is now the article's title.
  • Run saved queries from the Manage Saved Queries dialog.
  • The "Change Keywords for Highlighted Articles" command is available in the Index Window even if the Preview Pane is hidden.
  • The "Set Date to Today" command changed to "Set to Current Date and Time" for clarity.

Bug fixes include:

  • The Highlight Text color picker sometimes showed an incorrect custom color swatch. It now shows the correct color and lets you "pick up" the highlight color from selected text to apply to other text.
  • When exporting to HTML, text formatting on bulleted and numbered list lines no longer carries through other parts of the html file.
  • When printing multiple copies, the copies multiplied by print drivers in Win7 and later is now taken into account.
  • If you spell-check an article just after creating a hypertext link to another Knowbase article, misspelled words are no longer highlighted incorrectly.
  • An issue naming new files in Win7 and later is resolved.
  • An inability to print the current article from a read-only file is fixed.