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Personal Knowbase Import Plug-Ins

Personal Knowbase supports importing articles from custom file formats using plug-ins. You must download and install Personal Knowbase import plug-ins separately from the main Personal Knowbase software installation package.

Once you install a plug-in, Personal Knowbase automatically detects its presence, and the new file type is added to the Import dialog box. To use the plug-in, use the Import command and select this new file type from the Files of Type list. When you select the file to import, the plug-in imports the file and creates one or more articles from the contents of the file.

Available Plug-Ins

DOC File Import Plug-In

This plug-in adds limited support for importing DOC files. Please note that some advanced Word formatting may be lost when importing DOC files.

Download plug-in:doc_plugin_setup.exe
File size:
File version:
Release date:
423 KB
June 21, 2015
PK Version Required:Personal Knowbase 4.0 or later
System Requirements: This plug-in requires MS Word (version 97 or later) to be installed on the same computer. Importing DOCX files requires MS Word 2007 or later.
Changes:Improved support for portable installations.
Support for DOCX files.
Installation:After downloading, run doc_plugin_setup.exe