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PK Reader 4.1.3 Maintenance Release

PK Reader icon Personal Knowbase Reader 4.1.3 maintenance release is now available.

This maintenance release fixes the same issues as Personal Knowbase 4.1.3. For details, please see the release announcement for Personal Knowbase 4.1.3

1) Multiple-Monitor Support

This issue caused various screen elements to display on the primary monitor when PK Reader was running from a secondary monitor. They now appear on the correct monitor.

2) Windows "Short Date" Format

When your Windows Short Date format used non-numeric or customized formats, dates were sometimes displayed incorrectly throughout PK Reader.

For consistency with Personal Knowbase, although all dates in PK Reader are for display only and not editable, the rules for how to display a date follow those for Personal Knowbase. Your specified Short Date format is now correctly used in all locations where dates are displayed, exported, or printed in PK. A simplified date format is used where dates could be entered or edited in PK.

To Update: Download the update from the PK Reader page. Install it in the same folder as your previous installation.

PK Reader is free for personal use.

Thank you.