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PK Tip: Fixing Drive Letter Changes in Portable Mode

If you're carrying your notes between computers using Personal Knowbase's portability feature on a USB thumb drive or other removable media, locating PK data files and file attachments can get tricky if drive letters change.

Normally, PK will look for your Knowbase (*.KNO) data files on your USB device itself. However, as you move from computer to computer, the drive letter for the removable drive can change.

When you run PK in portable mode, a new Preferences setting is added to tell PK to look for your data files on the portable drive. To find this setting, access your Preferences from the File menu, then go to the Files tab. This new checkbox appears just below your settings for File Type Locations and is called Default File Locations to Portable Drive. Check this box to turn this setting on. Then specify the paths on your portable drive for your default File Locations.

Portable drive file locations setting

When you move to a different computer which has different drive letters, your File Locations will automatically reflect the new removable drive letter so that you can find your data files easily.

The above setting also affects attachments and hypertext links to files whose file paths are on the removable drive.

Important: Turn this setting on before creating your links in order to make the links change to the removable drive letter when you change computers.