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PK Tip: Creating Template Articles

If you frequently need to create Personal Knowbase articles with similar text fields, forms, or subheadings, you can save time and typing by creating "template" articles.

A template article contains just the skeleton text that you want to be common to all articles made from it. Also include any font or paragraph formatting that you want these articles to have. A simple example is an address book form. The template article might look like this:

Postal Code:


To make these template articles easy to find and group together, give them all a common keyword, such as template. I also start these articles' titles with *Template to make them easily identifiable and sorted to the top of the Titles column.

PK template article

Then, when you want to make a new article with this form, highlight its title in the Index Window and press Ctrl-c to copy it. Then press Ctrl-v to paste it, creating an exact copy of the article.

Open one of the duplicate articles, delete the template keyword, change its title, and add the details to your form. In the address book example, simply fill in each copied article's form with a person's details:

Name: John Doe
Address: 123 Main St.
City/State: Anytown, MN
Postal Code: 55111
Country: USA


This method also works well if you send a lot of emails containing similar information. Create a template article for the common email, then copy and modify it whenever you need it.