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PK Tip: Assigning a Keyword to Multiple Articles

Do you need to add a keyword to a group of articles? You don't need to open each article and add the keyword separately to each one. You can assign a keyword to multiple articles at once in Personal Knowbase's Index Window by dragging it.

  • In the Index Window's Titles column, highlight the articles that you want to assign the keyword to. To assign the keyword to all of the titles which are currently shown (such as if these titles are the result of a Find or Query operation), simply click in the Titles column and use the Select All command from the Edit menu (Ctrl+a).

  • If the keyword you want to assign doesn't exist yet, create it by using the Add Keyword to Index command from the Keyword menu.

  • Click on your keyword, then drag it from the Index column to the Titles column.

  • You will be asked to verify the assignment. Click Yes.

Verification to assign keywords

You can even assign multiple keywords at once using this method. To do so, highlight all the keywords you want to assign and drag the whole group to the Titles column.