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PK Tip: Adding Attachments by Dragging

You can add file or folder attachments to a Personal Knowbase article using a dialog box interface or by dragging from Windows Explorer.

The standard way to add a file attachment to an article is using the Article Properties dialog box. From the Attachments tab, you can click the Add button and Browse to navigate to locate and select the file to attach.

But if you are already using Windows Explorer to locate files outside of Personal Knowbase, an easier way to add file attachments is by dragging the file names into the PK window.

To create file attachments by dragging:

  • In Personal Knowbase, open the article that you want to add the file attachment to.

  • In Windows Explorer, navigate your folders to find the desired file.

  • Drag the file name or icon from Windows Explorer to anywhere in the PK Article Window.

    To drag, click on the file name to highlight it, hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse cursor to the target area, and then release the mouse button.

    drag file from Win Explorer

  • A dialog box will pop up asking you to verify that you want to add this attachment. Click Yes to attach the file.

This file attachment will have the default settings, such as including it in the Image Galley. If you need to tweak the settings, go to the Attachments tab of the Article Properties dialog box.

You can attach a folder in the same way. Navigate in Windows Explorer to the folder above the folder you want to attach. Then drag the name or icon for the folder into the Knowbase article.

Attaching Multiple Files at Once

Creating attachments by dragging is particularly useful when you want to create several file attachments at once to files in the same folder. Simply highlight multiple file names in Windows Explorer and drag the list of file names all at once. Personal Knowbase creates a file attachment for each file in the list.