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Personal Knowbase Helps with Your New Year's Resolutions

Many people start each New Year with resolutions to make changes in their lives. What are your resolutions for 2022?

Here are 10 resolutions that Personal Knowbase can help you with:

Writing New Year Resolutions

1) Getting Organized

Use Personal Knowbase to organize your information. Collect your miscellaneous notes, lists, and ideas into one centralized location so you can find them easily when you need them. Clear the bits of paper off your desk and consolidate the little text files on your computer.

Explore the many ways PK can help you get organized.

2) Managing Your Time

Create a PK article for each of your projects to collect applicable notes. Break projects down into workable lists of steps. Review your progress — in writing — at regular intervals. Save time by keeping checklists for common tasks and recurring to-do items.

You can also use the software's Reminders feature to pop up reminders connected to any PK article on a selected date and time.

3) Getting Fit

Track your fitness progress. Keep records of weight, measurements, distances, times, and goals. Record exercise sessions, workout times, and distances for walking, running, and biking.

Make a note of how you're feeling to track patterns and causes of health issues.

4) Improving Your Diet

Whether you're watching your diet as part of your fitness program or for other health reasons, keep records of what you eat. Track water consumption, calories, vitamins, and more. When you slip up, record that too, so you can notice patterns and causes for your mistakes.

5) Building Your Career

Is it time to get a better job or promotion? Use PK for leads, networking contacts, to-dos, goals, and planning. Set and track goals for your ideal number of new contacts each day.

If you use LinkedIn or other social networking sites, record the URLs of informative messages and your responses.

6) Reading More

Resolved to read more? To work through your pile of unread books? Keep records of books you've read with reviews, annotations, and author information. Make a Knowbase article for each book and index them with keywords denoting genre and subject.

7) Keeping a Journal

Are you hoping to work on your writing more? Keeping a journal is a great way to develop the habit of writing regularly, while also encouraging creativity and self-discovery. Take a look at our previous post on Using Personal Knowbase for Journaling.

8) Learning to Cook

Do you want to learn to cook this year? Check our previous post on Using Personal Knowbase to Organize Recipes.

9) Traveling

Collect travel ideas and wish lists. Make an article for each destination with notes about that location. Save URLs of corresponding websites. Make standard checklists for what to do before and after your trips. Keep directions, regulations, and tips.

After each trip, record details you want to remember and photography notes.

10) Planning and Goal Tracking

No matter what your resolutions are, Personal Knowbase can help you with planning and tracking your projects. Putting your goals in writing is important for personal accountability.

Good luck with your resolutions and have a great year!