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Running PK Reader from a CD

Personal Knowbase Reader is a read-only viewer for files which are created using the Personal Knowbase note management software. You can set up PK Reader to run from a write-once removable disk, such as a CD-R, so that it automatically loads a Knowbase data file.

This allows you to create a CD version of a Personal Knowbase data file. The CD can be copied in bulk and distributed to colleagues, customers, students, or family. A PK Reader CD is a useful way to distribute documentation or to create an e-book.

To create such a disk:

  1. Install PK Reader on your computer. You can download it from our PK Reader page.

  2. From the folder on your computer where you installed PK Reader, copy the following files to your CD (how to copy to your CD will depend on your CD burning software):


  3. Use a text editor (such as the Windows Notepad utility) to create a text file named PKREADER.INI.

    Copy the following 7 lines into the text editor:

    Knowbase Data=x:\

    Replace the text yourdatafile.kno on line 4 with the name of your Knowbase data file. Save this text file as PKREADER.INI.

    Note: Do not save this file to your PK Reader program folder on your hard drive, since that would cause PK Reader to behave as if it's running from a disk.

  4. Copy the PKREADER.INI file which you just created to your CD.

  5. Copy your Personal Knowbase data file (your *.kno file) to your CD.

  6. Finish burning your CD.

To use PK Reader from your finished disk or a copy of the disk:

  1. Insert the disk in a computer.

  2. From the disk, run PKREADER.EXE.

Only one Knowbase data file can open automatically when PK Reader starts. However, if you need to, you can include multiple data files on the CD. In that case, you can open the other files from PK Reader using the Open command from the File menu.

Of course, this is only one way of distributing data using PK Reader. Other ways include sharing files by Internet or local networks. PK Reader is a flexible option for information sharing.

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