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PK Tip: When the Titles Column Is "Outdated"

In Personal Knowbase, you may sometimes notice that the header of the Titles column in the Index Window includes the word "Outdated" in square brackets.

PK operation outdated

"Outdated" only appears when the Titles column is showing the results of a Find ("Found Titles") or a Build Query ("Query Titles") operation. It means that you have made changes to one or more of your articles which may make the results of the operation obsolete.

For example, if you ran a Find operation, then edited an article, you might have added the text which was the search target to a new article or deleted the text from a listed article. So the shown results might be wrong.

If you see the "Outdated" indication and you think that you may have made a change which would affect your Find or Query results, then you should re-run the Find or Build Query operation.

Note: If you set the Update Outdated Queries Automatically option from the Tools tab of the Preferences dialog box (File Menu), then your Query results will always be updated for any changes you make. Find results are never automatically updated.