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PK Tip: Quick Email Address Book

If you use Personal Knowbase to keep track of contacts, try inserting each person's email addresses in the Attachments field to create a quick email address book.

To do this:

  • Open the contact's article.

  • Select the Article Properties command from the Article menu.

  • Go to the Attachments tab.

  • Click the Add button to create a new attachment for this contact.

  • Set the Attachment Type to Internet Address.

  • In the Target field, type the contact's email address with the prefix mailto: before the email address.

    For example, the Target for an email attachment for Bitsmith Software would be

    Properties for contact email address

  • Click OK to add the attachment.

  • Click OK to exit the Article Properties dialog box.

Now, when this contact's article is the current window or is highlighted in the Index Window, you can just press F5 (or use the Open Attachments command from the Article menu) to launch your email software and create a new message with that person's email address in the To: field.

Attachments with contact email addresses

Since you can create multiple attachments for a single article, you can add as many email addresses as you want for each contact. To avoid creating multiple emails every time you press F5, uncheck the box for Include attachment in open list in the Article Attachment Properties of all email addresses except the default one that you use for this contact.