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PK Tip: Finding Articles Which Have No Keywords

Sometimes, in the rush of creating and saving articles, you may forget to assign keywords to every article. Or, you may delete a keyword, leaving an article with no keywords, if that was the article's only keyword.

However it happens, over time, you may discover that you have articles in your Personal Knowbase data file which do not have keywords assigned to them.

You can easily locate any articles with no keywords:

  • Use the Build Query command from the Edit menu (or use the Build Query button on the Tools Toolbar).

  • If there is a previous query string in the Query edit box, click the Clear button.

  • Click on the No Keywords button. This creates a query with the operand NOKEYS.

    Build Query dialog using NOKEYS

  • Click OK to run the query.

The titles of all un-keyworded articles are listed in the Titles column of the Index Window. If you want to add keywords to any of the resulting articles, you can open the article and add keywords from the Article Window.