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Personal Knowbase Helps Educators Stay Organized

It's Back-to-School time again! Personal Knowbase is a great software tool for organizing notes and records. Following are six ways that PK can help educators get organized.

Personal Knowbase is a note management program for Windows. It stores information in free-format notes which it refers to as "articles." Assigning keywords to your articles indexes them for easy access based on your customized criteria.

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Personal Knowbase is great for keeping records. Its intuitive keyword-based system lets you organize notes and records about past and future projects. Assign keywords for people, school events, subjects, and types of activities. Retrieve data according to whichever topic you're currently interested in.

Class Notes

Compose materials to use for your curriculum, course development, and distribution to students. Organize by date or topic.

If you need to print out class notes, PK has many printing options. To create distributable text or html files, PK offers many export options.

Student Notes

Keep notes about individual students' progress and needs. Teachers can make a PK article for each student to provide a central place to track that student's information. Tagging that article with relevant keywords helps you find all students matching that keyword's criteria.

Research Organizer

Organize research for course materials, projects, and progress. For more information on using PK for research, see our page on Personal Knowbase for Research Notes. Professors use PK for research and writing projects.


Personal Knowbase's reminder function lets you assign reminders to individual articles. Setting a reminder at a specific time of the day can provide a timer for classes, meetings, appointments, or just to remind you to change activities.

Set the reminder time early in the day to see the reminder when you first open your PK data file that morning, creating a reminder for holidays and other general events associated with that date.

Idea Collection

Gather ideas to develop later. Sometimes you need some time to process and decide about how to use ideas about projects. Create an article for each idea to squirrel away thoughts, related information, and drafts that aren't quite ready for use yet.

For more information about the software, see the Personal Knowbase product information page.

Not allowed to install software on your school's computer? Try running PK from a USB drive in portability mode.