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Why Index Your Notes with Keywords (Part 2)

Software that stores freeform text information commonly uses three ways to structure data:

  • Searching with Straight Text Strings
  • Categorizing in Hierarchical Trees
  • Indexing with User-specified Keywords
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Why Index Your Notes with Keywords (Part 1)

Personal Knowbase uses a system where users specify keywords to index their notes. When you create a new text note in the software, you tag the note with one or more keywords (or key-phrases) which will later provide a fast way to locate that note.

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What's a Bitsmith?

I first heard the term "bitsmith" in college in the early 1980's. It was used to describe a particularly skilled programmer — one to whom creating software was an art, to whom quality was important, and who tried to find the most elegant solution to any programming problem. A bitsmith was a skilled craftsman whose medium was bits.

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