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Personal Knowbase®
Card File Software

Create a digital index card file with Personal Knowbase. Gather your notes, contacts, and more.

Personal Knowbase is easy-to-use note card software for Windows. Store all your notes, lists, clippings, ideas, contact information, and more on individual cards (notes) which can be sorted, linked, and organized using assigned keywords. Personal Knowbase can import Cardfile-format files directly.

Great Windows Cardfile Alternative and Replacement
  • Directly import all your old Windows Cardfile CRD files.

  • Sort by title or date.

  • Index and categorize notes by tagging with keywords.

  • Easily access related notes associated with one or more keywords.

  • Store a large number of notes. No limits on number or length of notes.

  • Password-protect your information for privacy.

Whether or not you need to replace your old Cardfile software, Personal Knowbase can help you with note-taking and managing your information.

More information about Personal Knowbase card file software
Migrate Your Old Cardfile Files to Personal Knowbase in 2 Easy Steps:
  1. When you first open Personal Knowbase, create a new, empty file by selecting the New command from the File menu.

  2. Import your Cardfile files using the Import command from the File menu. Select the Files of Type to be Card Files (*.crd), then browse to one of your files and Open it.

If you don't want to start playing with keywords yet, you can bypass the subsequent Keywords for Imported Files dialog box by clicking OK with no keywords.

This imports all the "cards" from your CRD file. Each "card" is referred to as an "article." Each card's title becomes the title of the Knowbase article, and each card's text portion becomes the content of the article. Note: This software can only import the text portion of CRD files. Any non-text (for example, graphical) portions of CRD files are not imported.

You can see a list of your titles in the main Index window. Just double-click on a title to open an article. Then you can tag each article with keywords to index them.

For more details, see our software Help topic for Importing from a Cardfile File.

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System Requirements: Windows 10, 8 or 8.1 (excepting Win RT), 7, Vista (including 64-bit 10, 8, 7, or Vista), or XP
Latest Version: 4.1.3
Price: $49.95 (US) for a single-user license


“Love your program. Have moved most of my datafiles, notes, and other assorted bits and pieces over to new Knowbase data files. It's so nice to be able to FIND things easily. I have recommended the program to many friends.”

~ John Coldwell

“Knowbase has become my main method for storing general data, task lists, garden records, etc. I Like it!”

~ J. Brown, Klamath Falls, OR

“I just wanted to drop you a short note, telling you how much I believe your product "Personal Knowbase" rules. I've been trying it out for the past few days and without even getting close to the limit of the software's trial period, I decided to buy a license today... I've always had the feeling that I needed a tool to bring a little more order into my life. To give just a few examples: ... store all my passwords in a single place ... my movie collection ... serial numbers for software ... I'm sure that I'll find thousands of more things where Personal Knowbase will come in handy. Really, really great work you've done there!”

~ Nils Holland, NightCastle Computing, Wunstorf, Germany

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Ordering Info
Software Details

Windows 10, 8 or 8.1 (excepting Win RT), 7, Vista (including 64-bit 10, 8, 7, or Vista), or XP

Latest Version:

$49.95 (US) for a single-user license

User Comments
“I love it! And the more I use it the more I appreciate it! A great, intuitive, useful software product. I've been waiting years for this... Knowbase is the first thing I start in the morning and the last program I shut down at night. I use it constantly; it grows more powerful each day.”
~ Lanny S., Englewood, Colorado

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Carry your notes with you to use them on any Windows PC. Run Personal Knowbase from a USB drive.