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Product Version History (Version 1.x)

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Version 1.13
August 3, 2000

Final 16-bit maintenance release.

Added feature:

  • Create file://, telnet://, and https:// anchors in html exports.

Also fixes minor issues, including:

  • Fixes a bug exporting special characters in html tag attributes.
  • Fixes a failure to respond to a Cancel request while printing for some printer types.
  • Forces all dialog boxes to the center of the screen to avoid a problem where dialog boxes (including the startup splash screen) could be off the visible screen area.
  • Automatically opens data files from CD-ROMs as Read-Only.
  • Repairs tag lists when, in rare cases, they were corrupted when a file was open when Windows terminated abnormally.
  • Fixes an "out-of-disk-space" bug.

Version 1.12
May 7, 1999

Maintenance release fixing a problem with Personal Knowbase starting up if it had last been closed in a hidden state.

Version 1.11
February 3, 1999

Maintenance release fixing minor screen and printing bugs. Fixed a display problem if the Windows 95 taskbar is at the top of the screen. Fixed a printing bug if an article's keywords were printed at the top of a page.

Version 1.1
December 30, 1998

Added a number of features, including:

  • Convert your articles to web pages by exporting them to HTML files.
  • Combine keywords with operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.
  • Create an Index Report of articles associated with keywords.
  • Locate articles by date.
  • Find and replace text in articles by their dates.
  • Print or export lists of article titles only.
  • Merge data files.
  • Import multiple files at once.
  • Import files by dragging from File Manager or Windows Explorer.
  • Specify keywords for imported files.
  • Open data files in read-only mode.
  • Specify page footers as well as headers, both with more options.
  • Check the length of an article.
  • Context-sensitive pop-up menus.
  • Default font changed to Arial, 9-point.
  • And many new user Preferences.