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Personal Knowbase®
Information Management Software

Organizer for notes, news, clippings, email, addresses, contacts, and more.

Personal Knowbase is a freeform keyword-based PIM (personal information manager) for Windows. It makes organizing a large amount of data easy by using a natural way to retrieve notes, using keywords to filter for related information.

Do you need to organize the information in your life?

  • Reduce paper clutter by entering your notes in your computer instead of piling them on your desk.

  • Save time accessing stored records quickly by just selecting a relevant keyword or two.

  • Manage large numbers of entries as easily as a few. No limits on number or length of records.

  • Carry your notes with you by installing on a portable USB drive.

  • Password-protect your information for privacy.

With Personal Knowbase, you can be an information packrat. Never worry about forgetting an important detail once you've organized it in the software.

Clear your head. Capture your notes with Personal Knowbase.

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Because of Personal Knowbase's flexible, freeform structure, you can use it to organize many types of data. Or, you can keep specialized files for storing single types of data.

  • contacts and addresses
  • lists, plans, ideas, and reminders
  • meeting and phone call records
  • news and blog clippings from the Web
  • collections and hobby information
  • useful memos and how-to's
  • favorite quotations
  • more...
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“I have used a number of information management programs over the years, including Folio Views, MyInfo, Debrief, TreePad and OneNote, to name a few. You can see that (1) I believe in managing information in a database as opposed to a hard drive and (2) that I'm on a quest for the perfect information management tool.

In my opinion, after using your program for five months, Personal Knowbase comes closest. It is well-designed, with a number of clever features, and it performs as expected. Above all, your keyword feature sets Personal Knowbase apart from the programs I've used...”

~ John A. Koehler, CFA, Chardon, Ohio

“I love this software. I am an information junkie and for 25 years I have been trying software systems of information management to achieve the results I want. I have looked at all the PIMS and info management programs out there...

I am profoundly impressed with the thoughtfulness of your design, the robustness of the software and the ease of use - not to mention its incredible power.

Even putting all my information into your product has been made easy by your very adaptable import function - just brilliant. Plus I have info all over the place and in several would-be information manager-type progs; it is all going into your program.

People talk about software that is a must have and "how could I have lived without it"; that is what your software is to me. You get 6 out of 5 stars for me...”

~ Peter Kelly (Writer), Adelaide, Australia

“Knowbase is a great product. I use it to store all the little random pieces of information I need. It makes me look like a genius...”

~ Helen Vance

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