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Customer Email Changes and Mailing List

Registered Customers:

We usually notify our customers by email of Personal Knowbase software upgrades and news. When you order Personal Knowbase, we add you to this mailing list unless you request not to be added.

Using the forms on this page, you can remove yourself from this list, add yourself back to the list, or change your email address.

Change of Email Address

To change the email address to which we send notifications, submit this form. All fields are required.

User Name:
Old Email Address:
New Email Address:

Add to Mailing List

If you had previously selected not to receive notifications, and would now like to be included on our mailing list, submit this form. Once we verify that you are a registered customer, we will add you to the list.

User Name:
Email Address:

Remove from Mailing List

If you would not like to receive notifications, submit this form.

User Name:
Email Address:
Questions about Upgrades?
If you have questions about Personal Knowbase updates or announcements, please check our FAQ on Upgrades and Maintenance Releases.
Customer Mailing List

Please note that this mailing list is for customers only. Requests to be added to the list are verified.

If you are not a customer and wish to stay up-to-date on updates, please visit our blog or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you.