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What are the system requirements for Personal Knowbase?

Personal Knowbase 4.1 requires Windows 11, 10, 8 or 8.1 (excepting Win RT), 7, Vista (including 64-bit 10, 8, 7, or Vista), or XP.

Is there a Macintosh version?

No, there is no Mac version of Personal Knowbase.

One possibility is to try running Personal Knowbase in a Windows emulation program or virtual machine, such as Parallels, CrossOver, VMWare Fusion, or Boot Camp.

Is there a Linux version?

No, we do not support Personal Knowbase for Linux.

Although some users have tried running Personal Knowbase under Wine, the quality of the emulation varies widely depending on which Linux distribution you are using.

Do you have a web-based version of PK?

No, there is no web-based version of Personal Knowbase.

Do you have a mobile version of PK for smartphones?

No, there is no mobile version of Personal Knowbase or PK Reader for smartphones such as iPhone, Blackberry, or Android.

Does PK work on 64-bit systems?

Yes, Personal Knowbase works on all recent versions of 64-bit Windows.

The software is native 32-bit, but we are not aware of any issues running on 64-bit Windows starting with Windows Vista.

With 64-bit Windows XP, one known problem was fixed in the maintenance release 3.1.2, so 64-bit XP users should make sure to have that update. We know of one other cosmetic issue with window sizing. We do not officially support Personal Knowbase for 64-bit Windows XP.

Does PK work on Win8 tablet PCs?

Personal Knowbase may not work on some Win8 tablet PCs. PK is a Windows desktop application and requires a version of Windows that can run “desktop” software.

Many Win8 tablets use the Windows RT platform and can only run RT software, but cannot run desktop applications. Check your tablet's specifications to see if it is restricted to running only RT software. If its specifications indicate that it can run “desktop” software, then PK should not have problems running on it.

This also applies to PK Reader.

Is PK multi-user capable on a network?

Personal Knowbase is not multi-user capable. You can put the Knowbase data file on a network, but only one user can access the file at once. If another user tried to access the file, he would simply get a notification that the file was already in use.

If you are looking for a way for multiple users to read Knowbase files over a network, but not to write to the files, then take a look at Personal Knowbase Reader.

Is PK compatible with unicode text?

No, Personal Knowbase does not support unicode fonts. Although it works with most European languages, it cannot use character sets from many Asian and Arabic languages.