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Crack, Keygen, or Torrent

Looking for a crack, keygen, or serial number for Bitsmith Software's Personal Knowbase?

There are no known working cracks for Personal Knowbase. The keys created by known key generators may work for a while, but they will stop working if you use the program beyond the normal trial period.

Using warez, crackz and serialz is software piracy.

Here are facts you should know about using a crack, key generator, or stolen registration code:

  1. Piracy discourages software developers from creating innovative new software and adding new features that users request.

    Do you want us to continue developing Personal Knowbase? Have you made a feature suggestion that we don't seem to find the time to add? If so, then support Personal Knowbase's development.

  2. Piracy reduces software choices and competition created by small companies.

    Large corporations like Microsoft can absorb the costs of piracy. Small companies cannot and may be unable to compete if losses are large enough.

    Costs of piracy include user support time and high server load spikes, as well as the revenue from lost sales.

  3. Crack sites are dangerous.

    They often distribute malware and viruses. You can get infected just by visiting some crack sites. A keygen, torrent, or patch often includes viruses, spyware, and trojans when you download or run it.

  4. Using a crack or keygen is a criminal activity.

    Is that really how you view yourself? Piracy can bring financial penalties. If pirated software is found at your workplace, your employer is vulnerable to criminal charges. Is it worth the risk?

  5. Using cracks is a hassle.

    First, you have to find something claiming to be a valid crack. Then, you have to chance getting a virus, spyware, or trojan when you download and install it. Then, you find that the "crack" doesn't work with the current version of the program. Or, you find that it works for awhile, then stops suddenly. Some cracks only make parts of the program work as if registered -- other parts remain in trial mode. You have to worry about your boss (or, more likely, your parents) seeing a hacker's name in your registration info and disciplining you for endangering the company. Someone could report your illegal activities to authorities. Then, when the next Personal Knowbase update or bug fix is released, it stops working and you have to find another crack, keygen, or patch.

    Is that really how you want to spend your time?

  6. Piracy often supports credit card fraud.

    Some cracks are distributed after obtaining a reg key with a stolen credit card number. Maybe the next crack key will be purchased with your credit card. Your support of cracks encourages credit card fraud.

Piracy is theft. Period.

For another opinion on theft of intangible products like software, see this article on Virtual Products.

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