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Take Control of Your Notes
with Personal Knowbase®

Personal Knowbase Is a Unique Free-form Note Organizer Using Keywords.

It's the perfect software for organizing research notes, email archives, tickler files, and more. Index your notes, messages, and ideas using keywords for fast access.

  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • No limits on number or size of notes
  • No unmanageable data trees
  • Index on keywords that you choose
  • Password protect your private information
  • Carry it with you on a USB drive

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Works with Windows 8 (desktop), 7, Vista, XP, or 2000.

Only $49.95 (USD)

Conquer Information Overload!

  • Is your desk covered with bits of paper?
  • Have you lost information or messages you downloaded?
  • Do you have lots of great ideas to keep track of?
  • Can you find your critical notes when you need them?
Personal Knowbase can help!

Personal Knowbase Portability

Carry your notes with you and access them on any Windows PC.

Run Personal Knowbase from a removable drive, such as a USB drive or flash card, without leaving any personal information behind on each PC that you visit.

More information about portable installation.

Personal Knowbase Reader

Do you need to share Knowbase data files with employees or associates?

Personal Knowbase Reader is a viewer for Knowbase data files which allows you to share files with friends. PK Reader reads Knowbase files created with Personal Knowbase version 2 or 3.

Get more information about Personal Knowbase Reader.

Personal Knowbase User Support Forums

Visit our Personal Knowbase User Support Forums to give us feedback and to discuss Personal Knowbase with other users.

The Forums also include the Personal Knowbase FAQ, and Tips are posted regularly to the General Discussion area.

Latest News

Personal Knowbase 3.2.6 now available.

More information on this maintenance release.

User Comments
“...your product "Personal Knowbase" rules... I've always had the feeling that I needed a tool to bring a little more order into my life. To give just a few examples: ... store all my passwords in a single place ... my movie collection ... serial numbers for software ... I'm sure that I'll find thousands of more things where Personal Knowbase will come in handy. Really, really great work you've done there!”
~ Nils Holland, Wunstorf, Germany

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“If you're a packrat for information, Personal Knowbase will square away your untidy nest so you'll always find what you want when you want it.”
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