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Travel: International Travel

“I have been a stranger in a strange land.”
~ Exodus 2:22


Travel Warnings
U.S. State Department Travel Warnings Info
Check this list of current State Department travel warnings before your next international trip. Warnings are listed by country name.

Canadian DFAIT Travel Advisories Info
Check current travel reports for many countries, including information on warnings.

British FCO Travel Advisories Info
Search by country for travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

Australian Consular Travel Advice Info
Search by country for travel warnings.

Health Warnings
Center for Disease Control Travel Info Info
Check this site for up-to-date health precautions before your next international trip. Search for warnings by geographical region.

Passports & Visas

U.S. State Dept Passport Services Info
Americans traveling abroad can find passport information and applications. Includes information for renewing passports and replacing lost ones. (U.S.)

Canadian Passport Office Info
Basic passport information for Canadians. (Canada)

Australian Passport Information Info
Australians can find basic information on applying for passports. (Australia)

U.S. State Dept Visa Services Info
Visitors to the U.S. from other countries can find immigrant and employment information and forms.

British Visa Information Info
Visitors to the UK from other countries can get UK visa information.

Visas for Australian Travelers Info
Visitors to Australia from other countries can get immigration and visa information.

International Issues

Customs Requirements
U.S. Customs Travel Center Info
U.S. Customs: downloadable forms Forms
The Customs' travel page includes detailed information for U.S. Citizens traveling abroad as well as international travelers visiting the U.S. Find out what you can and can't take into and out of the U.S. Download forms if needed.

International Tools

Fodor's Living Language Tool
Learn common travel phrases by seeing the translations and hearing them spoken. Translations are from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. Download a traveler's wallet reference (PDF).

Learn Spanish Tutorial
Learn Spanish with this detailed free online tutorial.

Time Zone Converter Tool
Convert the time from any zone to another, based on any date and time.

World Time Server Tool
Immediately get the current time and weather anywhere. You can also convert a selected time.

Xenon Labs Currency Converter Tool
Convert worldwide currencies.

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