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Small Business: Accounting & Taxes

“ this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”
~ Benjamin Franklin


Forms & Publications
IRS Info
IRS Forms & Publications Forms
The Internal Revenue Service has the bottom line in U.S. income tax information. All forms and publications are available to download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

State Tax Forms Links
This page contains a comprehensive list of links to tax forms for all U.S. states.

Tax Calendar
IRS Tax Calendars (Publication 509) Article
The IRS provides this detailed calendar for each quarter, listing day-to-day due dates.

Maximize Your Tax Deductions Info
Intuit's deductions guide helps you decide whether to itemize in order to maximize your deductions.

The Home Office Deduction Tool
The Business Owner's Toolkit provides information about the home office deduction.

Avoid an IRS Tax Audit Tutorial
This detailed guide will help you avoid an IRS tax audit.

Preparing for a Business Audit Article
This article provides a checklist of what to do before your audit and what to bring with you.

How to Prepare for an Audit Article
In addition to more advice for facing an IRS tax audit, this article recommends professional assistance.

Tax Help

General Tax Info
Small Business Taxes & Management Info
Stay up-to-date on the latest tax news, as well as a wealth of accounting and financial information and tips.

The Motley Fool Tax Center Info
The Motley Fool site's tax pages have regular articles on a variety of tax issues.

Tax Agencies: State Guide Links
This guide provides links to the official sites for the tax agencies of all U.S. states.

Tax Law
Nolo Press Tax Encyclopedia Info
Browse a wide variety articles about U.S. tax law, including info about audits, deductions, and tax crimes.

Need professional help?
Hiring a Tax Professional Tutorial
This guide helps you decide whether you need to hire a tax professional.

Enrolled Agent Directory Tool
Search for an Enrolled Agent by location. With the Advanced Search, you can also check specialties and languages spoken.

CPAdirectory Tool
Search for a CPA firm by state, name, zip code, industry serviced, or even which types of services you need.


Investorwords Glossaries Tool
Use these glossaries to find terms related to finance and accounting. Search all or browse by topic.

Accounting Glossary: A-M Info
Accounting Glossary: N-Z
Accounting Abbreviations
Browse the Small Business Taxes & Management site's accounting glossary and unique abbreviations list.

See Also ALSO SEE:
Our Small Business Resources: Sample Documents section includes sources of many downloadable forms and sample documents related to accounting and business finances.

Calculators Loan Calculator Tool
Detailed loan calculator that creates a complete amortization table.

Pine-Grove Online Calculators Tool
Use this generous collection of online calculators to help manage your money. Includes loan, interest, retirement, net worth, and more calculators.

CPI Inflation Calculator Tool
Use the Consumer Price Index to adjust a price for one year into what the price would be in another year. (U.S.)

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