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Small Business: Marketing & Sales

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Marketing Plans

Marketing Information
SBA Marketing Articles Info
The Small Business Administration's marketing section includes marketing basics, ideas, and advertising best practices.

Checklists & Research
FormNET's Marketing Templates Forms
Download worksheets and surveys to help research and plan your marketing campaign, as well as contract and receipt templates for sales. (MS Word or PDF format)

One-Page Marketing Plan Template Forms
This form provides a quick planning checklist to help get you thinking about your monthly marketing tactics. (PDF format)

Marketing Strategy Questionnaire Forms
Use this quick self-questionnaire to help you set up your marketing strategy.

Sample Plans
Outline for a Marketing Plan Forms
This quick and simple marketing plan outline can help get your marketing started. Includes a link to sample plans.

Sample Outlines for Marketing Plans Forms
This site provides samples of 3 styles of formal marketing plans, from the relatively simple "30-Minute" plan to more complex formats.

Sample Marketings Plans by Industry Forms
This page from the same site provides dozens of sample marketing plans for specific industries, providing a great starting point for many businesses.


Marcia Yudkin's Publicity FAQ Article
Answer the most frequently asked questions about press releases and media attention.

Press Releases Made Easy Ebook Tutorial
This free little ebook outlines the basics of writing press releases, distributing them, and measuring your results. Includes a press release template. (PDF format)

Marketing Materials

What Font Should I Use? Tutorial
This introduction to typography is useful for either printed materials or website design. It outlines 5 basic principles for choosing fonts.

Website Marketing
Writing for the Web Article
Improve your website with these simple tips for making your web copy readable and easily accessible to your average site visitor.

Customer Survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey Forms
Download a sample form to help you gather customer satisfaction information. (RTF format)

FTC Guidelines for Telemarketing & Direct Marketing Article
These FTC guidelines for direct marketers will help you stay legal and maintain truth-in-advertising standards when marketing by mail, phone, or over the Internet. (U.S.)

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Marketing Plans
Marketing Materials
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