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Computing: Webmaster and Software

“With the development of the Internet... we are in the middle of the most transforming technological event since the capture of fire. I used to think that it was just the biggest thing since Gutenberg, but now I think you have to go back farther.”
~ John Perry Barlow

Webmaster Resources

Website Development
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials Tutorial
This site provides free tutorials and reference sections for popular web development languages, including HTML, PHP, and Javascript.

Online URL Encoder / Decoder Tool
Encode or decode URLs easily to avoid problems with special characters in your URL's text.

Can I Use... Tool
While designing your website, use this site to check which browsers are compatible with the modern technologies you want to use.

WordPress Codex Tutorial
The official online manual for the WordPress blog platform includes extensive tutorials, as well as reference information, developer documentation, and links to themes and plugins.

Content Tools
Copyscape Plagiarism Checker Tool
This tool searches for pages across the Internet that are similar to an entered URL. Useful for checking for unauthorized copies of your content.

Website Maintenance

Domain Tools
Domain Name Registries of the World Links
Look up the country association for any top level domain code. Includes links to the registries for most countries.

Server Tools
Down For Everyone Or Just Me Tool
Can't access your website? This handy tool lets you check whether a site is really down, as opposed to the problem being on your end.

IP2location Tool
Enter any IP addresses to get information about its ISP and location. Check up to 20 IP addresses free per day.

Website Speed Test Tool
Vertain Software provides this quick test of any web page's speed. Compare your site's speed to popular sites.

Software Help

Downloading Help
How to Download Tutorial
Learn to download files from the Internet with this step-by-step downloading guide.

Download Time Calculator Tool
Enter the size of the file you want to download. The Martindale calculator gives you the approximate download time for a long list of download methods, including all popular broadband and wireless speeds.

Software Tutorials Software Tutorials Tutorial
This site has a nice selection of software tutorials, including Photoshop, Excel, Word, Quickbooks, and Paint Shop Pro.

TutorViaComputer Online Tutorials Tutorial
BayCon Group offers these online tutorials, including Word, RealSlideShow, Paint Shop Pro, and Flash.

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