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Computing: Hardware and Systems

“Sloppiness is the main reason why computer security gets breached.”
~ Bill Gates, The Road Ahead

Hardware Reviews

General Reviews
PC World Hardware Reviews Info
Use PC World's Product Finder to compare the latest information and prices, or browse the available reviews.

CNET Reviews Info
Browse reviews for computer hardware, consumer electronics, and related accessories.

ZDNet Hardware Reviews Info
Browse reviews of computer and office hardware.

The Gadgeteer Info
This comprehensive gadget site includes reviews, announcements, and links for various brands of Smartphones, PDAs, and other gadgets.

Tom's Hardware Guide Info
Browse technical discussions about motherboards, CPUs, graphic cards, RAM, and more.

Security Issues

Security Threats
OnGuardOnline Info
OnGuardOnline is run by the US Federal Trade Commission in an effort to educate about online risks and security. Included are articles on avoiding email scams, securing your computer network, and more.

ShieldsUP! Internet Connection Security Analysis Tool
Gibson Research provides this tool for testing your computer's Internet ports for security vulnerabilities.

Java Tester Tool
Test your browser's version of Java for security vulnerabilities.

Viruses & Malware
Virus FAQ for New Users Info
The FAQ Archives maintains this list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) about computer viruses.

Online Tools for Checking Malicious Websites Links maintains this list of tools to help you identify websites that pose a security threat.

How To Wipe a Hard Drive Tutorial
Never discard a used hard drive without completely erasing it. Otherwise your personal data on it may still be accessed. This guide describes the basic procedure for completely and securely wiping a hard drive. It includes a link to a long list of free erasing programs, including several using the Secure Erase method.

How to REALLY erase a hard drive Tutorial
This describes how to use the Secure Erase method to securely erase an ATA hard drive built since 2001.

Hardware Maintenance

Building Computers
How to Build Your Own Computer Tutorial
This post provides step-by-step details of one experience building a computer from scratch, with useful information about all necessary parts, and including diagrams and tips relevant to building any computer.

System Disk Tutorial
This site has a wealth of essential PC support resources, including boot disk images, drivers, and links to how-tos for system-level tasks.

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Stumped by hardware terms? Look them up in a computing glossary from our Computer Reference section.

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