PK Tip: Typing in the Index Column

In Personal Knowbase, normally we locate keywords in the Index column by clicking them with the mouse. But we can also locate keywords using the keyboard. Typing to locate keywords can save you from constant scrolling in long lists of keywords.

When the highlighted cursor focus (when the highlight has a dotted outline) is in the Index column, you can type the first few letters of a keyword to move the highlight to that keyword in the list. So, for example, if you type “sm”, the highlight will move to the first keyword starting with “sm”.

Typing into the Index Column

However, if you pause your typing for about a second between letters, Personal Knowbase will assume that you’re typing a new keyword. So, for example, if you type “s”, then wait a second and type “m”, the highlight will first move to the first keyword starting with “s”, then jump instead to the first keyword starting with “m”.

If you make an error in typing a keyword, you can clear what you have typed by pressing the ESC key. That is, ESC interrupts the typing sequence, allowing you to start over. So, for example, if you want “sm”, but accidentally type “sk”, you can press ESC, then type “sm” again to avoid confusion.

Once you have the highlight on your desired keyword, you can perform any function on that keyword, such as pressing Enter to move it between keyword columns or Del to delete it.

Typing to locate items works in other lists in Personal Knowbase also, including the Selected keywords column, the Titles column, and keywords lists in dialog boxes.