PK Tip: Printing a List of Articles

A recent tip talked about how to make a text list of selected article titles for using in another software application or putting into its own Personal Knowbase article.

Similarly, you can print a list of articles:

  • As in the last tip, create the list of articles you want in PK’s Index Window.

    This could be a list of all articles in your file, a list of articles for selected keywords, or the results of a find operation or query.

  • Use the Print command from the File menu.

    Print dialog with Titles Only option

  • In the Print dialog box, set the Print Range to Selected Articles.
  • In the Print What section, un-select all check-boxes except the check-box for Include Titles.
  • If you would like to number the article titles, also check the check-box for Number Titles List.
  • Select OK to print your articles list.